Thursday, November 19, 2009


Here is a brain dump of all that I am thinking about today:
  • I am praising God for the good report my Dad got yesterday from the heart cath.
  • I am praying for a situation in the lives of people I love dearly that can only be resolved through God's help and guidance.
  • I am cleaning and preparing for traveling this weekend.
  • I am grieving a little over the fact that this is the first Thanksgiving I will be without Trev since he was born. I love him so and will miss him terribly. I keep reminding myself this is what happens when babies grow up and start leaving the nest. My head knows this but my heart stings.
  • I am rejoicing with my friends that through some turn of events and MUCH prayer they will be able to keep their house.
  • I will get to spend Thanksgiving with not only my parents but my in laws as well. All of us together.
  • I have friends that sticks close and tell me the truth even when it smarts a little. Because they care and they want me to do right. I am blessed.

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rmslil said...

You were supposed to laugh about my entry today. :)