Sunday, November 15, 2009


Our weekend has been full of great friends and great food. We have laughed and cried with friends that are VERY close to losing their home. They are trying to make the best of a bad situation. It's all in the Lord's hands and whatever happens He will get the glory. It's amazing how in the midst of uncertainty God's children have the certainty of His love and grace. He is faithful and kind. He can be trusted.

So many people are going through this right now and it is something that is being experienced by believers in Christ as well as unbelievers. The difference for believers in this situation isn't that they aren't sad, upset, or even scared. The difference is that they know that no matter what comes Christ is there comforting, guiding, and directing. He knows the pain because He has experienced it.

As children of God, I think we go through things sometimes to be able to help others and point them to Christ. Because, honestly, it's not about "us" it's about Him.

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rmslil said...

Friennds are Friends forever if the Lord's the Lord of them. A friend will not say never and the welcome will not end. Though its hard to let you go in the Father's hands we know....

Thanks for being my friend for so many years and listening to my gripes and vents. Thanks for being my encourager.