Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, actually it's around 3,400 miles as the crow flies.

But not really.

Because last night Honduras was sitting beside me on a round, red leather couch and teaching me a few words in Spanish.

And, no, her name isn't Honduras but she's from there.

She is my friend that doesn't speak much English.

She has two beautiful daughters and a handsome, hardworking husband.

Last week I asked her to come to my church and Sunday they did. They couldn't find the church at first~she said she tried to tell her hubby where it was but he didn't listen. That made me laugh~it sounds familiar:)

They brought their Spanish Bible and sat with Mike and I.

Last night while we waited for our daughters to finish practicing for Select Singers I asked her if they enjoyed the service. She said they really liked it.

And then she asked me something that pierced my heart.

She pointed to her skin with a concerned look and asked me in broken English, "Is this problem? Most people American."

I told her emphatically as I could that it was NOT!!!

A huge smile spread across her face as she nodded and laughed as if she were relieved.

I had no hesitation about inviting her and her family to my church because I know the color of their skin isn't an issue. I am so thankful that I didn't have to even think about whether inviting them would be an issue.

I am praying that we will continue to build a friendship and that they will feel God's love through me. I am absolutely going outside my comfort zone and it's scary but I am pressing forward.

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