Friday, June 19, 2009


These pictures are Shelby and Abby getting baptized by Pastor Mike. They were baptized the day after Trevor's graduation. See how far behind in blogging I am??? See those three people in the background, standing down on the stage? I love those guys~the couple to the right, The Coopers, are on their way to Laos today!! Lynsey said she is never standing there again for a baptism because she could see me and I was crying so she was crying. It was a wonderful day:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I didn't forget about this kid graduating! I just wanted to have time to write a post about the whole week of graduation festivities and so here we go~~~

Mon, May 25~Jeremy, Jessie, and the littles got here around 5pm. Mary brought Noah down so they can hang out with us. We just talked, talked, and eat~and then we talked some more. Oh, and the kids played and I smooched on Baby Kaiya:~) Jeremy and Trevor went to a movie, Mike went to work, and the rest of us hit the hay.

Tues, May 26~ Mary, JR, and Noah came over and ate lunch. It was the first time They had met Mary's husband~their new brother in law:) It went splendidly and the kids had a ball playing the Wii (and the adults:) Jeremy found out that Wii boxing is quite the workout!! In the afternoon Jessie and I sat outside and let the kids make mudholes in the yard with the sprinkler~ Hey, don't judge us~ there were 5 kids here~ we had to do something to keep them occupied so we could chat. Jeremy, Jessie, Mary, JR, and Trevor went to the late movies, I listened for the kids and slept, and Mike went to work:(

Wed. May 27~Early in the morning~ Mike, Jeremy, Jessie, Baby K, and I went to Cracker Barrel and had a nice long, leisurely breakfast. Trevor was at home to take care of 4 littles. They were all asleep when we left but by the time we got back he had already feed them all and they were happily watching Qubo:) Mom and Dad were on their way with Jeremy's two oldest. I had to go pick up the decorations for the party so Jessie, Baby K, and I did that. We sent Mike, Jeremy, and the other 4 littles to the Bicentiennal Mall to get wet. They have a bunch of water fountains that you can run through, sit on, or refuse to be a party to it (right, Sam?:) Jess, Baby, and I met them there and we were going to walk to the big globe that turns on water but we didn't make it becasue it came a huge downpour. We raced into the food court at the Farmers Market and sat in there to wait it out. After about 15-20 min. we decided to go because it smelled good in there and the kids were "starving" or was that the men? Anyway, we went home at lunch and hung out there playing Wii and~~~there's a pattern here~~talking, and napping. Mom, Dad, Steven, and Zoie got here around 6pm. After a little while we decided to go surprise Trev at Chickfil@. It took three vehicles to get us all there but it was worth it~with my 50% discount (because I am Trev's Mom~I love that perk:) 13 of us at for $30! When we got home Mike got up and~~can you guess?~~went to work:(

Thurs. May 28~Dad, Mom, and Mary got here around 10 am because Mom and I had hair appointments. Mary, Mom, Jessie, Baby K, and I left to go to the appt and the menfolk stayed with the kids. Jessie ended up getting her hair cut too and donating it to a charity here. We hung out for the rest of the day at home just soaking up everybody~it's so long between visits! We had baked spaghetti for supper and Mike~oh~you know what he did:(

Fri. May 29~We went and decorated the fellowship hall for the party. It turned out so nice! Pat and Tommy were on their way. They got here around 3:30pm. All of my family went to Opry M^lls and to hang out at Mary's house. We(Mike, the kids, and I) took Tommy and Pat to Loveless C@fe. It was awesome!! We also went and hung out in their hotel room for a little while~although it was so tiny we were getting claustrophobic. I made final preparations for the next day and guess what~Mike didn't have to work!!!(fooled ya:)

I went to the restroom and this is the pic that was taken while I was gone. I left instructions for someone to take a pic of Trev and the girls and this is what I got. Abby might as well not even be in the pic:)
Pat, Trev, and Tommy
Sat. May 30~ THE DAY~ We started early getting showers and stuff. Jessie, Baby, and I went to pick up the cake and finish some things up at the church. Trev and Steven went to run a few errands~~AND I forgot the dern crockpot~~I needed it at the church so Trev had to go home get it and bring it to me. Mom and Mary met us at the church so Mom could make her Taco dip~delicious!! Then, we raced back home to 2 frazzled husbands that were trying to wrangle the littles and give them baths. Let's just say they weren't exactly bundles of pleasantries when we arrived. Jeremy was all about feeding the kids lunch and we weren't the least bit concerned with it. He got his way so we ended up feeding the little darlings:) Jessie, Mike, and I took the high road saying we could make it through the afternoon without eating. We are martyrs that way. We got everyone loaded up~we didn't forget a single person~can I get a hand clap for that none to small feat??? We made it up to the church on time AND we got good seats. AND then the processional started~ and I cried like a baby. The End~ Nah that's not the end but I was undone. My baby was graduating and I turned into a blubbering mess. The ceremony was great. Mike said it was a little too long. The littles did awesome and Confession time~after they called Trevor's name and they still had a bazillion people to go~I snuck out and went to the vending machine because Mama needed a SHNACK! Mike had leaned over and asked me to bring him back a pack of Nabs. I bought 2 Dr. Peppers, 2 packs of Nabs, and a bag of Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffle$ . I was walking back from the machine wondering how I could get these delicious goodies to Jessie without her husband not catching on. I rounded the corner and there sat my girl in a chair nursing the baby. I started laughing and handed her one of the Dr. P's and Nabs. She started laughing and we tore into that stuff like it was our last meal. We thought that we could keep this little picnic from Jeremy seeing as how he tried to tell us we needed to eat something before we left~Dang if he didn't come out to check on Jess and catch us with food in our mouth!! He laughed his head off and gloated about being right! Right before the end of graduation Mom, Dad, Mary, and JR had to leave so JR could get to work on time. We took some pictures and then headed to the church for the PArrrrtay! My friends were there helping set everything out and we had a blast. Mike got up and said a few things, Trev got up and said a few things, and then I got up. Because Mom's are all emotional about their kids I decided to just play a song to remind me of Trevor's last year of High School. If you want to listen to it I suggest you go get a box of Kleenex and listen here. There is a story behind that and I am sure you can figure it out:) It was hilarious!! When I pulled out the player Trevor thought I was gonna sing. YOu should have seen his face. He kept saying "Are you serious?" "You're not serious!" He was scared I was gonna break into a rendition of "Sunrise, Sunset". If you want to hear that click here.

I am going to post about Sunday separately because it was a whole post within itself.

Zoie, Samuel, Jeremy, Kaiya, Trevor, Jessie, Taylor, and Steve

Kaiya and Trevor

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


These pictures were taken by the girls. This is our friend Mason. I like this pic for some reason.

This is in Sonya's china cabinet.
Abby's feet:)
Shelby's feet:)
Abby's face:)

We went to eat lunch with Mary and Noah today. It was a lot of fun. We are missing Shelby and we have it on good authority that she is having a great time.

Abby and I baked a strawberry cake this evening and it smells wonderful.

She is reading her books for the Summer Reading Program at the library.

Tomorrow we are headed for the splash pad with friends if the weather holds up:)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Shelby and her classmates in Musical Beginnings

Getting ready to play the drums.

Ms. Campbell-Holman and Shelby

Yesterday I took the girls and got their hair cut. Then it was on to other errands~the library, grocery store, and Sam's.

It was a beautiful day here and we just hung out, enjoying it.

Shelby left today for camp. She has been so excited about going. We packed up her little bags and Abby did well until this afternoon. She has been rather grumpy. I think it is withdrawal from her sister. I am praying that we have a good week~all of us:)

Abby likes to eat with chopsticks so we took her to Pei Wei for lunch~just her. It was great!!

I had a bridal shower to go to this afternoon so Mike and Abby hung out at home. Trev went to the movies with his friend, Bailey.

Church was awesome today. The music was wonderful and the sermon was very revealing to me. I am always astounded the way the Lord uses our Pastor to speak words to me that I need to hear.

I am off to snuggle with Abby who is stuck to my side like glue:)

Friday, June 5, 2009


This week I have had ZERO motivation.

I think it is due to AAE, you know, "After Anticipated Event"

I know I am not the only one that has ever had this. You get so excited about something and it happens~~then blah.

Having the family here was great and all the events went smoothly and I loved it all.

So, that was the UP and now I am on the down.

I have been just blah.

The girls have been to VBS all week and Trev has been at camp. It's not been a bad week just blah.

Ugh~instead of repeating myself over and over I will post pictures of the girl's birthday bowling party.

Abby and Gabby

Again, Abby's face slays me:)

The kids getting their bowl on.

Ava, Anna, Matthew, Ashley,& Mackenzie
Mason, Solomon, Chloe, Gabby, Abby, Ethan, & Aidan

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have been debating back and forth whether to take ye ol' blog down or continue it.

I have neglected it for months and I wasn't sure if it was a source of enjoyment anymore.

I have decided to leave it up for the rest of the year and see how it evolves---or not.


I have also wondered to myself what direction I want it to take.

I love posting things that I want to remember and I think that I want to go back to the beginning and write posts about Mike and I~how we met, what happened way back then and how we got where we are now.

I also want to catch life as it happens and write about that because I want a record for my family.

So~~if this gets boring to my two readers I apologize in advance but here are some pictures to make up for it all:)

This is Trev's 18th birthday cake. His boss' wife made it for him. It was way cool:)

Shelby getting her new glasses with her shirt on backwards:) Love that girl:)
(I told her it was on backwards and she said "Oh well no one will notice" ~ alrighty then)

Abby, Ashley, and Shelby at Red Robin~our girls night out:)

Shelby, Abby, and Mason at Mule Day. I laugh every time I see this pic. Their faces tell the story~ it was quite stinky!!!

This pic made Mike laugh out loud. He loves the face she is making. Mule Day '09