Monday, October 25, 2010


Mike flying....literally....down a slide.

Shelby in front of a fake background...not really but it looks like it.

This horse was quite rude. It tried to take her bucket even though she was trying to feed him.

We've been quite busy these past few weeks and it has been so fun. We have been to 2 farms to partake of their fun fall activities. We are visiting our third farm tomorrow unless it rains. They are saying there's a 70% chance....we'll see.

I didn't get pictures of the second farm because I forgot the camera. I hate it when I do that.

Let' see...what else has been going on. We had a wienie and marshmallow roast last Sunday evening. That was fun. Trev, Jessie, Mary, and Noah came and joined us.

Noah was out of school for fall break last week so he got to join us at Noodle Academy. Yes, he did school work right along with the girls. Yes, he enjoyed it. No, I don't feel bad for giving him school work on his break. I said he enjoyed it.

We read outside.
We ate lunch outside.
We went to the park and played.
We played games.
We made popcorn balls.
We listened to music.
We took a drive.
We met new people.
We drew pictures.
We played with legos.
I think Noah is ready to enroll in Noodle Academy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Keys to the Cottage

  • finished up grocery shopping.
  • went to the Farmer's Market. We love the Farmer's Market.
  • made a Pampered Chef sandwich ring that Mike loves.
  • had the privilege of listening to my husband teach Sunday School.
  • went out to eat with Trev and Jessie for Jessie's birthday. We were going to go to Loveless Cafe but there was an hour and a half wait so we ended up at Blue Coast. It was good:)
  • took a GOOOOODD nap on Sunday afternoon. I love Sunday naps.
I know I'm a little late with this but it's better late than never:)

In other news, I made this soup tonight: Roasted Vegetable Minestrone and it was awesome. I absolutely loved it and it was so easy. I had Shel cut the veggies up this morning and put them in the fridge. This afternoon Abby helped me finish it up and it was so quick and simple.

At our house it has turned too cold, too fast. The girls have been wearing 2 sweaters and 2 pairs of socks in the morning. They are miserable until mid-morning when it gets a little warmer. They want us to turn on the heat but we are trying to hold off until it gets colder. It's supposed to get warmer by the end of the week so we just need to wear long sleeves and socks.