Thursday, September 1, 2011


This week at the library Shelby picked up a book about mummies. She's been sharing all kinds of really cool facts with us about things people have found like a baby they thought was a doll because it was so small.

Abby and I were listening to her this morning while doing some chores and all of a sudden Abby said, "Elvis is a mummy."


Abby~"Elvis is a mummy and he is at a museum in Antarctica."

I'm sure I had a really puzzled look on my face and I said, "Uhhh, where did you learn that?"

Abby~"On TV."

Me~"What program?"

Abby~"You know, the one where the guy travels around the world and he said that Elvis was in a museum in Antarctica."

Shelby said,"Abby don't believe everything you see on TV."

Me~"Listen to your sister. Elvis is buried at Graceland in Memphis."

Come to find out Robocop 2 was on the TV this weekend and Mike was watching it. The bad guy in the first part had weird stuff in his lair and one was Elvis. Not in Antarctica~in Detroit.

::snort:: She was convinced Elvis was a mummy in Antarctica.

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