Sunday, September 11, 2011



Sunday evening we marked off one of the last things on our Summer to do list. We went and played mini golf near the Potomac River. It was competitive just like we like it. Mike won, of course, Shelby came in second, Abby was third, and I came in dead last. That wasn't a surprise considering one hole I took over 10 shots to get it in. Mike mercifully quit counting after 10:)

Our Labor Day consisted of some painting and eating. We decided to paint our big hutch that our TV sits on and I am so glad we did. I love it. It's nice to change something and make it look new without spending very much money.

We ate some authentic Ethiopian food at our friends house. They are from Ethiopia and came here in the 80's. The food was wonderful but the company was so much better. We ate spicy lentils, bread called injera, and many other dishes. You eat with your hands so you tear off a piece of the bread and grab the food with it. It was fun.

We started school on Tuesday and it went better than I expected. The girls got new back to school outfits over the weekend. Mike made us waffles and we took 1st day of school pictures. I think this is the best first day we've ever had.

The girls say they love their new curriculum and we had a really good first week. That evening we took Abby to supper at Chickfila (her choice) for her 3rd Spiritual Birthday. It was 3 years ago that she acknowledged she was a sinner and gave her heart to Jesus.

We are excited about continuing Field Trip Fridays so, this Friday we went to the "Spirit of America" in honor of Sept. 11.

It was an awesome show and it was very emotional in some parts. It was 2 hours long but it didn't feel like it. They gave us an intermission but we probably didn't need it. Well, unless you had to go to the potty and didn't want to miss anything.

After the show, we ate lunch in Chinatown before heading to Hampton Roads. It was delicious. They made the noodles right in the window.

The girls weren't too keen on the squid and chickens hanging in the window at first but after we went inside they thought it was really neat. There were fish, lobster, and crabs in tanks just waiting for you to pick them so they could be taken out and cooked for you. It was a true Chinatown experience.

Oh and did I mention that it rained all blessed week? It did. It rained so much and so hard that our roof started leaking in the kitchen. It wasn't a real bad leak thankfully. I tried to complain about all that rain because I know how much Texas needs it. I did pray that God would give them the rain we were getting and give us a break from it.

Can I add one more thing to an already long post? It was a little surreal remembering 9/11 today less that 2 miles from the Pentagon. We have heard accounts from people who watched the plane that hit the Pentagon fly right down Columbia Pike. It was so low that people thought it was trying to land on the interstate.

Hope y'all have a great week and that you enjoy the life God has given you to live.

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