Saturday, January 15, 2011


In honor of the inauguration of our new governor, Bill Haslam, a lot of the state attractions were free today. We had a list of things to choose from. We decided on The Country Music Hall of Fame because we have lived here for 7 yrs and had never been.We started out in the Songwriter Session with John Wiggins. He spent almost an hour playing, talking, and answering questions. His guitar has a neat story behind it (probably only my Dad will appreciate this). It was made from the mahogany mantle board that his dad had made for his childhood home. His parents sold the house and the new owners let it go into foreclosure. He was there one day looking around outside and one of the doors was unlocked so he went in and took it. He had just gotten it from the maker. It was beautiful (the guitar, not the story:)

This picture is for my mother in law. She will appreciate it.

This picture is for my Daddy because had a guitar just like this one when I was growing up. This one was Glen Campbell's.

As you can imagine, there were lots of people there because it was FREE. We weren't surprised and saving over $60 was worth it.

We finished out the day with a trip to Chick fil a to see Trev and Forever 21 to see Jessie.

Hope y'all had a splendid Saturday!

P.S. Please keep Joshua Rosenbalm in your prayers. He is the 8 yr old son of my dear friend, Sharon. He will be having surgery to remove a softball sized mass from the right side of his brain on Monday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Your Daddy loved the pictures and most of all sharing in your adventures through your blog.
Love Dad