Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Here we go again~

In no particular order~these are some of the things rolling around in my brain:

I'm so glad my dishes are washed tonight.

Playing Shenanigans today at music school with the Lomax family was FUN!

Will I be able to meet my Bible reading goal by April 3rd?

Man, I miss my brother and his family.

I wonder if it will rain all day tomorrow.

The dinner I made tonight~Honey Chicken, Risotto, and seasoned green beans~ is a "make again".

I am glad Mike moved the girl's beds back into the same room yesterday but when I got up this morning they were still in the same twin bed. I love that they get in bed with each other~every night.

Where did all this dust come from?

Tomorrow is trash day~and I don't have to roll the garbage cans down. I never do:)

Man, my skin is dry. Must be winter. Where's my lotion?

I really miss my Book Study Buddies. I am so glad we start back next week.

That reminds me~I need to send them all a reminder e-mail.

Why does Mike's alarm have to go off every night at 9:30? Oh yeah, it reminds him to go to work~BOOO!!

I really don't want to go get the load of laundry out of the dryer. The garage is too cold and I am nice and toasty but we need towels so I better go get it:(

I hope everyone has had a Terrific Tuesday!

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rmslil said...

I hate going in the cold garage for laundry too.