Sunday, December 5, 2010


The first thing we did to kick off the holiday season was Shadrack's Christmas Wonderland at Jellystone Park. We received a coupon to get in free (Thanks, Misti) and we thought it was so cool. Thankfully, we had the coupon because we thought it was a little pricey if you had to pay the full amount to get in.

Next, we went to Ice! at Opryland. Mike was able to snag a coupon for Buy two tickets, get two free so we were able to go at a reduced rate.

It was cool. I mean, COLD!! They give you parkas to wear and thank goodness for that!!! It was a nice temperature outside so I just wore a pair of slip on shoes~~with no socks. Yeah, by the time we left there my little piggies were freezing. There was a slide made of ice and Mike and the girls braved that. Mike flew down that thing and made me glad I decided to just watch.

Friday night we went to the Nashville Parade. It was cold, not as cold as Ice!, but cold enough to make you want to dance around to get warm. This has been a tradition since we moved here except one year, I think.

They start the night off with the Tree Lighting at the Capitol, then The Rudolph 5k Run/Walk, followed by fireworks and the parade. It really is a fun evening.

We are looking forward to more fun things on the agenda this week.

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