Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We are having a great week of nothing to do. Well, except school, tutorial, church, and cheer-leading. Ummm, besides all that, we have nothing to do. No piano lessons, Select Singers practice, Musical Beginnings Class, or Bible Club.

The girls are having their birthday party on Saturday at the Y. They can't wait and tell me so every. 5. minutes.

I can't believe Mike is graduating in just 2 months. He said today that it took him 6 years like that was a bad thing. I reminded him that he did it while working 54+ hours a week, raising 3 kids, and being a husband. So what if it took him 6 yrs.

Today I baked over 60 potatoes for church and I put them in a cooler to take them to church. Oh my. They were so hot when 3 hours after I made them that I couldn't grab them with my bare hand. I was so impressed that they stayed that hot. Also, it was so easy to bake that many potatoes. I think it has been the easiest thing I have made for large crowds.

I know this post is rambly (no, that's not a word but I like it:) I am so bad at this blogging but I guess I'll just post when I can.

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rmslil said...

remind mike that i took 8.5 yrs to finish college and that was without all the things he had to distract him. I commend him for doing it in six years.