Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aren't these pictures lovely? They're from the trip the kids and I took to see my parents last summer.

Why am I posting them now, you ask? Thanks for asking but if I answer that question I will have to tell you about one of my finest moments in parenting~NOT!

I was browsing through our pictures and came across a folder marked 'Recovery' and I cringed because it made me remember that ugly afternoon in June when I reverted back to a bratty 5 yr old.

When we went and visited my parents we took lots of pictures~the Amish country, the boat ride on the bay, exploring Ft. McHenry, the aquarium, the light rail ride where we got thrown off the train, you get the picture, right? (haha)

On the drive south to visit more family, Abby thought she accidentally erased all~ALL those pictures.

Here's where my finest moment began~ I reached into the backseat of the car and snatched the camera away from my precious daughter's hand, tried to get the pictures to reappear on the screen of the camera and when I wasn't successful I threw the camera down in the floor board.

Oh, yes! It was a lovely display of, of~~~errr immaturity, stupidity, ignorance. You can take your pick.

Oh, wait I left off one vital piece of information. Ummm it was Shelby's camera AND I broke it. She got that camera for Christmas and her mother in a temper tantrum broke it.

Now here comes the ignorant part~Mike was able to get every one of the pictures off the card. I felt like a heel and still do.

We couldn't take pictures of our trip to Virginia because that was the only camera we had taken.

Isn't that just the grandest display of parenting ever?

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