Monday, February 25, 2008


I forgot to tell ya'll I had cereal for lunch on Friday!! I sure did.

I also ate some Saturday, Sunday, and today!! Woo-hoo!!!

On Saturday Trevor went on a youth group outing to the local climbing place where they climb walls for fun. He was there for two hours and could barely move after he left.

Mike and I took the girls to get their soccer gear. Again, they were more worried about the color of their ball and cleats than their playing ability. Mike talked them into getting the standard black and white ball because it was two bucks cheaper than the pink and white ball.

He did relent, however, on the shoes. Shelby got these and Abby got these. Abby didn't like the ones Shelby got because they lace on the side and that was just too weird for her.

This morning has been filled with dentist appts., taking Mike to school, and Trevor to work. Trevor drove to his work and when he got out Abby said, " Mommy, you didn't yell when Trevor was driving!!" I busted out laughing!! Apparently I yell a lot when Trevor drives. Who knew?

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Julie said...

Hey...don't feel bad...when I think about Trevor driving I want to yell too!!! LOL!! Don't even get me started on the time to be when my boys start driving!!! Roger is a terror to behold I'm sure!!