Thursday, February 21, 2008


The girls have a cassette.

It is a cassette that their Daddy made years and years ago.

It has him talking and saying all kinds of goofy teen stuff.

They ABSOLUTELY love to put it in and listen to it. Isn't it funny that we probably would have pitched it a long time ago if we had really known what was on it?

The label on the outside says that it contains, "She's A Good Skate, Charlie Brown!" but that is not what you hear when you put it in the tape player.

And let me tell you~~Trevor sounds just like his Dad did when he was that age. It is very strange to hear Mike talking on that tape because it sounds just like Trevor does now.

The girls will play it, rewind it, play it again, turn it over, and play it over and over.

It is quite comical and his sister adds her share of antics on there.

That tape would not mean much to many people but it is a little treasure at our house for now.

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Lisa said...

How cute is that. This is something to treasure. Have a Blessed day. Lisa