Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We have no cereal.

We only have a half gallon of milk (which is okay because again, NO CEREAL!!!)

Mike forgot a book last night that he needed to study for a quiz.

We have only one car working right now so Trevor will be late to work this morning.

We have no cereal (did I mention I LOVE cereal!)

We didn't get to eat supper last night til after 8pm because I miss judged cooking time for a whole chicken. (AND, because I didn't realize what time it was!)

I just ate leftover spaghetti for breakfast because THERE IS NO CEREAL!!!!!

I won't have cereal til Friday because that is grocery day and we don't go to the store "just to pick up cereal" because we end up "just picking up" more than we should.

I wish we were having cereal at the Wednesday night supper at our church.

It is supposed to be taco salad with all the fixin's but I would just love some shredded wheat!!

Can someone in Va or NC be so kind to send me a nice care package with some cereal in it? I love you!!

I wish it were Friday.


Jessie said...

I hear ya girl! Jeremy always tells me we have "kool" and no "aide". We either have milk or no cereal but usually it is a ton of cereal and no milk.

And it is always no medicine when your kids have a fever or the wrong medicine or if it is the right medicine it is expired!

Have a great Wed. which means 2 days until Friday...yeah!

*carrie* said...


That is so funny! I love cereal, too, and now that you've put the idea in my mind, I kind of want a bowl. But I won't do that to you! =)

Theresa said...

Cereal? Really? I get a taste for some every now and then, but I could do without it. I do like it in the afternoon for a sweet snack. You know we have four bags in there right now. Sometimes on Sunday nights when we've had a big lunch, we let the kids each pick a bag of their own at Wally world and that's what we have for dinner! The kids love it!
Love ya!

Julie said...

I'm with ya Jen! I love cereal for breakfast myself! Even the sugary kid kinds! We're currently out of EVERYTHING!!! We have about a 1/2 c of milk...only about a bowlful of honey-nut cheerios (generic of course) and that's about it!!! Luckily we doing the family grocery shopping and dinner out thing tonite, or we'd STARVE!!!I'd send ya some cereal tonite, but tomorrow's Friday anyway!!! Julie