Tuesday, December 11, 2007


We have been doing a lot of Christmas-y things the past few days and I wanted to share them with all of you!!

December 7
Here we ate at Arby's before the Parade

Shelby and Abby watching the parade!

December 8
Seeing Santa at Krispy Kreme on Saturday morning

Abby eating her doughnut that she got to frost and put sprinkles on.

Shelby doing the same!!

December 9
We went to " A Walk thru Bethlehem". It is a cool thing one of the churches here put on every year. They make their gym like a real Bethlehem marketplace with costumes and the whole thing! The girls got to make a ragdoll, weave a bracelet, feel sheep's wool and pet sheep, watch grapes being mashed, watch an olive press, see fish dried with salt, and more!! This is a real treat for us every year. There are no pictures of this because Mike was video taping and as soon as he gets a cable I will upload some of it.

After the walk thru Bethlehem we went to the mall and participated in building a menorah made of legos. It was real cool and they loved it. They got dreidels and chocolate coins.

Trevor worked this weekend and went to a Christmas party for work so we got no pictures. Although he did go with us to Krispy Kreme and to build the menorah.

Our Church's Christmas Cantata was Sunday night and Shelby sang in that. She had a solo and she did great!! Again, Mike video taped it so I will upload it soon.

One of the best things about all these events were they were FREE!! Well, we did buy doughnuts but we probably would have anyway. They are so good!!

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Anonymous said...

Memories, Memories.

Girl that Arby's picture is making me hungry. I love Arby's.