Monday, December 17, 2007


for the in-laws. That is what I am doing today. They will be leaving today from Virginia and heading this way. They will stop about half way and proceed tomorrow. Hopefully they will be here around lunch time.

So, today is preparation day. Cooking and cleaning will be in tall order today. Along with lunch with our pastor for Mike, going to pick Trev up from work, and if I get everything done by 5pm I am going to hang out with one of my friends and have a chat session.

Oh yeah, I am going to try to fit in a game or two with the girls this afternoon.

We had our "Dinner 6" get together after church yesterday and that was so fun. Other than a quick trip to the bathroom for Abby who ate way too much frosting and sprinkles in Sunday School, it was perfect.

Thankfully, Mike was paying close attention when Abby put her hand over her mouth and started looking green. I would not have like clean up frosting and sprinkles off someone else's floor, couch, etc.

Our kids Christmas program was last night and it was so good. Abby made us laugh because she was tired and kept yawning.

They were carolers so they wore scarfs and mittens and she kept running her mittened hands through her hair which made a static build up of which the state of Tennessee has never seen. It was hilarious!

Through it all she said all her lines and did her solo perfectly.

Shelby was in her element on stage! She is all business when she gets up there and her solo was wonderful. They were so excited to do it.

Trevor hated doing all the hand motions to the songs, but he did them. Not with great enthusiasm like the girls but he did them. I think this may have been his last kiddie Christmas play. As I typed that last line I got a little melancholy. When did he get this big???

They had pizza after the program for the cast members and then we came home, put on our pajamas, and watched Hairspray until Mike went to work.

It was a busy, fun day and I loved it!!

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