Thursday, December 6, 2007


We have been listening to Christmas music around here for quite awhile.

Of course, if you know me at all, you know that one of my favs has to be Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton.

That is not a surprise. But some of my favorites might just be a surprise!

I have fallen in love with Brad Paisley's Christmas album. I love "Kung Pao Buckaroo Holiday" and "Penguin, James Penguin"

I am also listening to Jimmy Buffet's Christmas album and The Skaggs Family Christmas album and Toni Braxton's Christmas album and Charlie Brown's Christmas Album and Harry Connick's Christmas album(I love it when he sings Frosty the Snowman!!) and the Christmas album I got from Bath and Body Works 500 years ago and I could go on and on.

Oh yeah, and the radio station that plays 24 hours a day Christmas music!!

I NEVER get tired of it and I think I would listen to it in July if I felt so inclined and sometimes I do.

What are your favorites?

A Happy HO HO HO to you!!!! (listen to Harry and you will know where I got that from:~)


Anonymous said...

I have to say that Charlie Brown is my favorite. Taylor loves to dance to it! It's nice to know that someone loves CHristmas music as much as I do!


carrie said...


Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.

I love Christmas music, too. My favorites are Jim Brickman and Amy Grant, but I also like classics like Bing Crosby.