Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I am sure that is what the people at Panera Bread thought this morning. I was there listening to the BigBoo podcast and I accidentally laughed out loud. I am sure my face was 50 shades of red!

It was such an escape because they really don't talk about anything serious. What I was totally laughing out loud about was a certain bobcat that Big Mama's husband had killed but if you want listen for yourself just go over to Big Mama and click on the BigBoo Cast button. It will be the second podcast but all three are funny in their on right.

Now, on to other topics, I found a yummy Gap blue jean skirt at Goodwill today. It is knee length and in a size I haven't worn in awhile. I am excited to wear it!!

School is going well and we are keeping our enthusiasm up longer this year. We have fallen into our routine better this year and earlier. I think it is because this is our third year and we have gotten over a "hump" so to speak.

Mike is plugging along at school and work. I am glad that he will be done with school this year I don't think he could handle another year of this.

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carrie said...


That is so funny. I haven't heard the new podcasts, but the other ones have been a hoot! I'd be laughing out loud at Panera, too. =)