Monday, September 24, 2007


A couple of weeks ago, our church started Christmas play "tryouts". That is a term we use loosely because it is not really a tryout.

Anyway, Shelby and Abby got a CD with the play on it. I believe I have listened to this CD a million gazillion times!!!!!

I am not exaggerating!!!

I am SO ready for Fall!! We are still having 90t degrees and that does not mix well with my Christmas music listening.

I am convinced that summer is grasping at straws, not wanting to let go of this unbearable heat that has plagued us for almost 2 and a half months now.

On to other things, I was reading over at JellyBellyBeGone and I hate how people have control over the way that we think about ourselves. If I had heard that about myself, I would have probably went straight to the food, too.

I am trying to not let things like that control me, but it is hard to do!! There are people that will be cruel like that no matter what they personally look like.

There is a young girl at our farmers market and she has some physical deformities. When I see her I want to go up and give her a hug because I am sure she probably gets lots of stares and comments. She looks to be in her late teens early twenties but I am not sure.

Then, I see so-called "normal" looking people ALWAYS dissatisfied with the way they look. I just wonder what they would do if they had the challenges this girl has.

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