Thursday, August 16, 2007


Yesterday was much better. We haven't fixed any of the car problems but I am much more calm now. We did have to go out for about an hour yesterday and by the time we got home we were drenched in sweat. WITH GOOD ATTITUDES!!

The girls were red in the face and their hair was plastered to their little faces but they were troopers. It is supposed to cool down this weekend. It's only supposed to be 95 instead of 105. That will be a relief.

Mike is going to try to fix the van this weekend. He thinks it is the alternator~ the thing the vehicle runs on after the battery starts it. I know this because my husband told me. Not because I am knowledgeable about cars or anything.

I am going out to dinner with one of my peeps this evening and I am excited. I have already made dinner for Mike and the kids. I am looking forward to a couple of hours with some nonstop talking~hers and mine! We always have lots to discuss~from her dog and cat to my kids and stuff. We never run out of things to talk about.

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