Saturday, August 18, 2007


Due to the fact that they lied to us about the cooler temperatures and this boring Saturday afternoon. We will play "What Is In My Purse?" Here's how we play~ I will list stuff that is in my purse and you will either laugh or be bored to tears.

Ready? Here we go!

I have
- a pair of fold up scissors that have come in real handy on many occasions. (except the time I had to go to driving school for a speeding ticket~the security guard made me take them all the way back out to the car~they could be considered a weapon, go figure:~)
- instructions on how to install an alternator for your car. I better keep those handy you never know when you might need to arbitrarily change out an alternator.
- millions of receipts because you never know when you are going to have to return the 6 pack of Diet Dr. Peppers you consumed last week.
- assorted candy wrappers because the old guy at church just loves to load your kids up on sugar BEFORE the service so that you feel like you need Prozac after the service.
- a handy dandy notebook because you never know when the urge will strike to write down things that you will forget you wrote down and read them 6 months later.
- a New Testament that your 5 yr old just had to take to church but just as you are walking across the parking lot she decides it is just toooo hard to carry it to the door.
- gum for those morning that you go walking with your husband at the crack of dawn and forget to brush your teeth because it is the crack of dawn (well for me, anyway:~)
- my trusty check card~ no explanation needed.
- cap to a medicine bottle that you don't even know how it got in there but you just go with it.
- a bottle of ibuprofen because they just don't hand out Prozac like candy, ya know!
- a makeup bag because there are times you DO have to put it on in the car~while you are driving, in the rain, with 3 kids yelling, at night, with the radio blasting, and the windows rolled down.
- hand sanitizer because your kid might just puke in the dentist's chair and while carrying the kid to the car realize that you forgot to wipe off a little bit of it~and it is exactly where you put your hand to carry said kid to the car.
- an emery board to do my nails because you never know when you will have 5, 10, or 20 minutes to wait in the HOT sun for your teenager to get off work to have him come to the car and say, "Sorry Mom! They needed help and I stayed a little later to help them out." Not to mention that if he had been 2 minutes later he would have seen the ambulance driving off with his mom from the deliriously crazy heat. (Did I mention we are presently without a vehicle that has AC?)
- and finally~$10 in cash that you are hoping will stretch until Thursday night when your husband's check goes in the bank because this week we had to replace an alternator (thank goodness for those directions:~) and had an unexpected doctor visit and unexpected medication purchases and books to buy for school and bills to pay and food to buy and etc, etc, etc.

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