Monday, July 2, 2007


Our 4th of July cookout at church was a wash!! At the end of the service, Mike was praying and he was interrupted by the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard. Then, the heavens opened up and poured. We had a real bad storm.

Mike ended up cooking the burgers on the stove. They have a big gas stove with a grill. We
boiled the hotdogs and we had our "cookout" anyway. It all went well.

This church that Mike is preaching at is country in every way. There are no windows in the whole church building. When we had the Christmas Candle Lighting Service we had it during the Sunday morning service. All we had to do was shut the door and turn off the lights. It was black as pitch in there.

There is a field behind the church with donkeys and cows in it. Most everybody goes outside between services for a smoke break and as soon as church is over they clear out quick for another smoke break. Yesterday, during the monsoon, they were all squished up under the awning of the side door trying to smoke without getting wet. It was a sight to behold. They all got drenched when a gutter gave way and doused them with rain water.

I have been fighting a cold or allergies or something. I have been sneezing my head off and blowing my nose till it is raw. I hope I get over it before I leave to go to Nanny's on Saturday.

I'm off to make chocolate milk for Abby and I hope to get a bit of housework done. Hopefully, but not likely. AHHH~~summer.

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