Thursday, June 28, 2007


Barb over at A Chelsea Morning had a drawing for family recipe cards that were left over from her daughter's wedding and I WON!!!!! YAAAA!!!

This was right up my alley because I only had to leave a comment and be put in a drawing to win. Ya know, I actually didn't have to DO anything. So, thanks Barb for your little giveaway and I can't wait to try all the recipes.

I went to lunch with one of my friends from church and her co-worker this afternoon and it was very good to get out and chat with them. We ate and talked and talked and talked.

It has been toooo hot here to go out and do anything! Well, except sweat! I can't stand it when you take a shower to go somewhere and when you step outside you feel like you never took a shower!! I hate that feeling. I am trying to be positive about the heat but every time I step outside it is like stepping into a sauna.

One more thing before I go, I have 3 teenagers sprawled out in my living room and none of them are my own. What is wrong with this picture? My teenager is at work. These teens are just coming back from mission trips to Cuba, France, and Chicago. They are exhausted, bless their hearts. I am having a hard time reigning Abby and Shelby in. They love to talk about everything and these kids just want a nap!!

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