Tuesday, July 3, 2007


We went to a place today called The Narrows of the Harpeth. It is a place that has a waterfall and you can only get to it by hiking down a path. This said path is overgrown on both sides with all kinds of plants and stuff.

Let me just say, I am not one to be squeamish about many things. My brother has always had different animals and such. We once had a family of paint turtles living in our bathtub. Even now, he has a plethora of fish, dogs, a boa constrictor and the like. (God bless his wife, Jessie, she is forever in my prayers!!)

Well, we met up with a slithering little pal on the above mentioned path today. Trevor wanted to pick it up. Jeremy would be so proud:~) It was long and at first we thought it might be dead. BUT, OH NO IT WASN'T!!!!!!!! We didn't bother it. We let it go on to where ever it was heading. It was nice enough to hurry on up and get out of our way.

That was just one of a couple of things we encountered today. Abby learned that you can pee in the great outdoors if you have to go bad enough. Shelby learned that you can't wear a stretchy bracelet and throw rocks in the river and keep bracelet from flying into the river after a rock. Trevor learned that when you are leaning over a snake that is quite long and intriguing expect your dad to come up behind you and scare you.

My Abby likes to collect all kinds of stuff and rocks are no exception. She thinks every rock is unique and worth carrying home. We have to limit her to 5 or 6 rocks or she will fill her backpack up with a ton of them and then want you to carry them for her. She helps me to remember that things we think are plain and boring have signifigance.

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