Friday, February 16, 2007

I know...I know

Before I took my sweet girl to the doctor I did a few things around the house. Hence, I decided to fore go a shower until I was done with said things! Isn't it normal not to get clean until you stop getting dirty? Maybe I shouldn't have waited so long.

My youngest came in and climbed up on my bed beside me and said, "Mama, you need a bubble bath!" Okay~so I knew that but did we have to say it out loud. I laughed and laughed! I tell you what I love the honesty little kids have. They are so oblivious to political correctness and they don't care what is socially acceptable.

She has said lots of things that I just hoot at because they are the absolute truth and she just slings that truth right on out in the open! She is like some of the little old ladies that we see at the nursing home every Sunday. Those ladies are hilarious. They will just come right on out and say whatever they are thinking.

What have they got to lose, they know they don't have time to dilly dally and dance all around the truth, they just let it fly. I love it!! They aren't trying to hurt feelings or be mean and neither is my daughter. They just see what they see and they don't mind telling it like it really is.

I have had to say "No, I'm not pregnant. I just look like I am." and "Yes, that is a wig Missus So and So is wearing but it is lovely." and "It's okay that Mr. Smith is playing his harmonica the whole time we are having church."

They sit and stare at him and give him dirty looks because they wouldn't dare interrupt my husband while he is conducting the service. They just give looks that could kill until it is over and they make comments at the end like "I couldn't hear a thing because So and So wouldn't stop playing that contraption." "You need to leave that thing in your room next week!" "I don't think he knows how to play one song on that thing."

I think there are lots of similarities between my almost 5 yr old and the little old ladies at the nursing home. The truth sets them free. :~D


Toni said...

I can't wait to be old! Remember Sophia on the Golden Girls? I loved how she just said what she was thinking!

Anonymous said...

I get the question from the three year olds, twice in two months, do you have a baby in your tummy, i say no I am just fat and they say why are you fat. I was in the elevator at the Hershey Lodge when a little girl asked me that and her parents were silent and tried to say , honey she doesnt look pregnant. When the elevator stopped I walked very fast and the little girl still had a comment, it was wow, she walks fast. Her parents knew and understood why I was so fast.