Friday, February 16, 2007

What Is A Mother To Do????

Isn't the very goal of a Mother to feed her child and just when she is done, feed them again? What happens when the child is peaked (yes, that is the southern word for feeling bad and it is pronounced PEA-ked, thank you very much) and won't touch one morsel of Mother's food!!!

You call the doctor and get an appointment. Because, even your non alarmist husband is concerned about his little girl. So much so that he is willing to stay up and watch the youngest so you can take the other to the appointment. So we will go at 3:40 this afternoon.

I have something else to say. Ahem~ I was in a very bad mood yesterday. Not to the kids, not to the 6 people I talked to on the phone, not in my post, but to my husband I was in a bad mood. Are you happy now, honey? My hubby came home this morning and said,"Why didn't you write on your blog yesterday that you were in a foul mood?" I proceeded to let him know that it was not something I wanted to share with everyone~just him.

I am sure that he wishes I would share with others more! That would at least give him some relief. I will not go into the ugly details~it would be very incriminating. Lets just say it was UGLY~I was UGLY. I am over it now, in fact, I was over it last night. I think hubby has forgiven me since he did kiss me goodbye last night and I was very glad about that.

I am sure sometimes he feels like he lives with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I am, after all, a woman and we go through these kinds of things ever once in awhile. Now that I think about it~it was a little comical.

Picture this~me-meeting hubby at the door as he arrives home from school. He-briefcase in hand looking bewildered as I proceed to tell him I want him to go through the house and tell me every thing I had done while he was gone. Which, in my defense, was a lot but only because I was aggravated with all the clutter and decided to do something about it.

Thankfully, I finally let him go to bed and I was fine when he got up. See, I told you, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! SCARY!


Anonymous said...

Girl you are crazy! We all have our warpath days. Everyone else needs to deal with it not us, haha. I warn everyone I am on a warpath and they kind of step aside and are real quiet. Hope you are better. Becky

Toni said...

Is there something abnormal about what you did??