Sunday, February 18, 2007

Baby Girl Has It Now!

Well, the baby got sick last night. She got out of the tub and said my tummy hurts and....then she showed us why. All over my bedroom floor. She has been lying on the couch all day and when I say all day I mean ALL day.

We had snow all day yesterday and it was warm enough that it just turned to slush when it hit the ground. BUT, when the sun went down so did the temperature. Everything that was slush during the day froze.

We didn't have church this morning because the roads were slick. Driving an hour from home on slick roads is not my idea of fun. I am glad they called off church. Basically, I wouldn't have gone anyway because baby girl is sick, but I would have worried my head off to send my hubby off on frozen roads.

Is anyone else sad that Reba is ending? I love that show and I tried to find back seasons at the library~~because I am cheap that way~~ and they didn't have any!! Van is my favorite character because he is a hoot. He is over the top which makes me laugh so hard I almost wet my pants!!!

One of mine and Trevor's favorite episodes is when Van says~get a load of these hammies. We say it to each other and crack up. I am missing that kid!!!!! I am counting the days down til he will be back home.

We are watching the old TV show Northern Exposure~again, from the library~you know the cheap thing! We are enjoying it. Prime time on regular TV is awful! We don't have cable so we are very limited in what we can watch and the selection is slim pickins I tell you what!!!!


Toni said...

Sorry to here baby girl is sick. Luke was sick yesterday and most of today- not vomiting though! I didn't know Reba was ending! Hubby and I try to watch that when we can remember- I heart Van too- Have a soft heart for the dumb ones!:)

I remember Northern Exposure! I loved the astronaut! Hope everything gets better tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I love Northern Exposure. I will have to let you borrow my collection of other tv series like Little House , Waltons and of course, I love Lucy. I have all of the series but have only watched one or two episodes of each.


Toni said...

Just wanted you to know that I 'tagged' you on my blog- so hop to it lady! When you can, that is!

Hope baby girl is feeling better today!