Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wowsie, Wow, Wow, Wow

That post yesterday was pretty heavy!! Today's is very, very light!!! Actually, it is so light it is fluffy! We have had a real laid back day today. Hubby had to go to bed early to get up in time to preach tonight. Our pastor is in Florida for a conference and he asked Mike to preach. I am looking forward to it. Really, it is more like a Bible Study thing, not preaching, per say.

Anyhoo, we have done school and played with Legos. That is just about the extent of it. I am still in my pjs and I need a shower. Oh, I guess I should say that I did do the dishes and fed the kids. Yeah, they are funny like that. They get grouchy if I try to make them go without food. Something about them being hungry or something.

We are at T minus 2 weeks and counting, for the countdown to the Romantic Getaway. And may I just say that I am getting antsy-er by the day!! I am so glad we are finally going to do this!! I have some ideas about what I want to get my hubby for Valentine's Day so I need to do some shopping over the next few days. Because, people, there is one thing that can be said about me~~ I AM A LAST MINUTE SHOPPER!! I know, I know, I am working on this little itty bitty flaw that I have. That is why I am giving myself till Wednesday of next week to get it done.

Oh, and you know it is a laid back day when the main ingredient in lunch and supper is pasta! The macaroni and cheese and Alfredo was a nice bit of comfort food on this entirely cold, but nice, lovely, winter day. We will add veggies back into the diet tomorrow.


Toni said...

Glad to hear you had a nice, relaxing day! Still jealous over the getaway! :(

Resa said...

What a beautiful post yesterday! I cried thinking on the entine battle you had to face, knowing full well that I could have faced the same thing and oddly didn't. The Lord has done, and still is doing, amazing things in your lifes! Sometimes I look at Ds and know how precious he is. Praise God for your decision to do the hard thing!