Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Natural High!

I absolutely love going grocery shopping. Yes, I know that is real weird. But I tell you the sight of an empty shopping cart and a grocery list with nothing marked off makes me high!! I have a hubby that actually enjoys going to the store with me so I think that is what sets me off. We walk down all the aisles looking for the best deals and use our super shopping sense to get the most out of our experience.

As you can probably tell, today was grocery day. And I guess you are thinking that I need a life. Rest assured I have one it is just a little simple. I don't get out as much as you might suspect. I am off to get my stuff done and look at my freshly stocked shelves.


Toni said...

You are beginning to worry me..... Have you thought of taking up a hobby?? :)

~LL~ said...

GIRL!!!! You are not the only one. I love to have hubby keep the boys then I get my coupons. To spend about 3 hours in a store, coupons and list in tow, nursing a Dr Pepper. It don't get much better 'n that!