Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We Are Praying For Snow!!!!!!

They are calling for it. They have before and we have been let down. We are just hoping this time they are accurate. We even went to Target to get those roundy, plastic, sliding thingys. They were only $2.78, people, it did not break the bank:~) I am sure that they are on sale because the 70 degree days made them believe winter was over.

They were wrong!!! Well, we hope they are wrong because we want some SNOW!! I even did the sacred bread run this afternoon. You know, the thing you do if they even hint at the S-word on the news. We are not alone in our preparations. The city has sent out the brine trucks and have been busy as beavers all day long. I'm not sure if they just have an abundant supply and want to get rid of it or if there is really something to this snow thing.

The conditions are pretty good for it. We have barely been above freezing for 5 days or more. There are gray clouds moving in and they are looking more suspicious by the minute. COME ON SNOW!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!! Okay, I will let you know tomorrow if the weather man was true to his word.


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Toni said...

Hope you get your snow! Please don't send it to TX!