Thursday, February 1, 2007

We Were Cheated!!!!!!!!!!

We got none, nada, zip!!!!! We got absolutely NO SNOW!! We are disappointed!!

When I got up this morning, I ran straight to the window and peeked between the shades just like a kid. There was nothing! We were robbed!! It went farther south so they got a little more than a dusting. Well, we aren't giving up hope yet, we still have over a month of winter left and we are holding out for some snow!

In other news, I have gotten all my homeschool stuff organized, finally! I was becoming swamped with all the papers the kids were doing, so I went and bought a couple of those accordion file boxes. They are on sale at Target 2 for $7.99. I got everything in the right little compartment and I feel much better. It feels good to get all that stuff put in a "home".

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