Monday, January 29, 2007

8 Days Til.....

my parents and sister come into town. You know what that means? 10 days til my hubby and I GET AWAY!!! We are so excited we can barely stop talking about it. When he came home from school today that is what we talked about. By the way, he brought me beautiful carnations for absolutely no reason! He is the most wonderful man. Oh yes ma'am, he is!!!

The trip became real to us on Saturday~when in the midst of my 23 hours of sleeping, dozing, or thinking of sleep~we made our reservations. WOO-HOO!!!! I think I have visited the website about a hundred times imagining us walking hand in hand down the street. We are so familiar with Gatlinburg that we know exactly what we want to do and see. We may even try our hand at skiing!! Never done it before but I am all for trying it.

My kids are excited that Grandma and Grandpa are going to spoil them for 3 whole days with no interference from Mom or Dad. They have some plans that they have cooked up and we will see how far they get with them:~) Of course, all the parenting I had growing up has went out the window with the grandkids. Isn't that the way it happens.

My sister is going to nanny for a family while she is here and make some mad money. She is going to have 4 children to take care of and they love her so she will have a ball with them.

On a side note, one of our goals for 2007 is to decorate for the major holidays. Valentine's Day is coming up so I am decorating for that and since I homeschool it would be good for me to acknowledge President's Day. I am off to hang up paper hearts and paper heads of former Presidents:~)

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Toni said...

Green with envy over here!:~)