Sunday, January 7, 2007

Pictures and New Sheets

This is my two Dd on Christmas morning. They have on their new Christmas pajamas and they are having a great time with all the stuff Santa brought them. Granny and Pawpaw got youngest the Lincoln Logs.

I asked for new sheets for Christmas and I got them. They are brick red or burgundy whichever you prefer. They do not match my bedroom decor at all. So, why would I ask for a new set of sheets that don't match my bedroom? Because I want to change my bedroom decor and these sheets are my jump start. I love new sheets and I am not going to allow myself to use them until I paint and start redecorating. We are wanting to change to something that reflects things that we have enjoyed as a couple. We have picked a theme that will be something we both enjoy. I am excited to start.


Jane said...

I came here from Owlhaven. Love that your daughters have Lincoln Logs. I got a huge set to use my church bible camp on the theme of Habitat for Humanity a few years back. They are in my classroom now and everybody loves them! It takes a while for them to get really good at it, but they entertain for a long time! Plastic farm animals are a good addition.

I hope you post pictures of your bedroom when you are done decorating. I think you will find blogging to be a great motivator for a lot of little projects.

Toni said...

Howdy! I came over from Owlhaven also- check my blog out if you have the time- just started blogging also (in December)- I use to live in NC- went to Gaitlinburg on weekends- so jealous!!

DD are too cute!