Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is it okay to brag?

I saw my 15 year olds' boss today and she was so full of compliments for him. She said that he is very responsible for his age and that she has 18 yr olds that are not as responsible as he is. She also said that when he is there she knows that the customers are being taken care of and that the list of chores get done. He is a good kid with only a little of the teenager attitude sometimes. He doesn't like to be home schooled but we have asked him to trust us and I think he does. He misses seeing friends everyday and we have dropped the ball on getting him into a co-op or something where he can make some friends. That is on the top of my to do list.

We have 4 weeks, one day before the big romantic getaway!!! We are still looking at places to stay but we have narrowed it down and so I told Dh to surprise me. I just want to go out of town with my hubby so don't bother me with the details.

The girls haven't felt good today. The oldest Dd ate breakfast climbed up on the love seat and went right back to sleep for about an hour. That is so not like her at all. Dh has classes 5 days a week this semester and it wouldn't be so bad but he has to dress up every time he goes to class. Can't go to class with t-shirt and jeans on, his usual attire. AHH, the sacrifices of a soon to be pastor! LOL! He is pretty much a pastor now. The church he preaches at considers him their pastor, even though he is not ordained. He is doing so well. I love to hear what he has been working on all week. He always makes me laugh with something he says. I am so comfortable with him behind the pulpit.

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Toni said...

I think it is great to brag about your children! I do!! I ALSO make it a point to let him know that I am proud of him- not enough parents do that!