Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some Random Thoughts

Here are my two girls playing dress up! The girls love to dress up in all kinds of stuff we keep in a storage thing under their bed. They love our cat, Miss Kitty. Original name, isn't it? It took us weeks to come up with that! We could not come up with anything we could agree on so finally Miss Kitty just stuck.

On to Deeper Stuff:

Our church that we go to on Wednesday nights and Sunday nights is getting ready for revival. Let me explain. The church Dh preaches at only meets on Sunday morning and we have to drive 50 miles one way to get there. So, the kids and I go to our other church for the other services. Any way, we are starting revival on Sunday and although I will miss Sunday morning I am planning to go to all the others.

Last night we did some preparation for revival, like praying for ourselves and others. The pastor quoted a person (you'll have to forgive me I don't remember the person's name!) he said"When Satan reminds you of your past, remind him of his future." I like that quote! Also, I was reading a chapter of the Beth Moore book "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things" and she said"Satan wants to make the clean feel unclean in hopes that they will act unclean." Now that is pretty powerful stuff if you ask me.

I struggle a lot with things that I have done in the past and Satan uses them to try and bring me down. Sometimes he succeeds because I listen to his lies. I am trying hard in 2007 not to be controlled by things in the past but look to my Father and the future. I have always been one to let guilt tear at me and make me feel less of the person I am. I am tired of that!!!! I want to live up to my potential and not be hindered by guilt and Satan's lies. I want to live in the freedom that Christ died to give me. I want to live with the peace and joy that only He provides. I believe that is God's desire for me. I want to be concerned with the way God feels about me not what other people think I should do, be, say, etc. I weigh what other people think against what I know God wants me to do and sometimes people's reactions to what I do make me question what I feel God wants me to do. Anyway, I am praying that in this weakness of mine God's strength will be magnified.

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