Sunday, March 25, 2012


 (Abby at her birthday supper at Friendly's~the necklace she has on is her Birthday necklace I made her.  Shelby has one also and they wear them every year on their day:)

Since I posted here last we have celebrated 3 birthdays and made preparations for 1 wedding.

We have had our first weekend guests that were not related. Can't wait for the next guests.  Will it be you???

I have lots of ideas for blog posts I just have to make it a point to actually type them out and hit publish.

We took our Sunday afternoon walk to Trader Joe's this evening and sat at "our table" outside Barnes and Noble.  I told Mike that it was funny that when we moved here last year everything seemed a long walk away and now when we take our usual walk it seems like no time at all.

We have a new favorite Mexican place, District Taco.  It's so good and they serve Boylan soda that we love.

There is 1 week til the wedding.  ONE week!!!!  I am not believing it!!!

I baked three different kinds of goodies Friday, shared them with friends, and got some compliments.  I love to bake and cook.

The Cherry Blossoms have been at their peak and they're so beautiful.  I think that it's a little redundant to travel every year to see them.  I mean really they look the same every single year.  It's kinda funny that people with these really expensive cameras taking TONS of pictures of these blossoms and the pictures will be the same next year and the year after that and the year after that.

This week is packed with a lot of stuff and preparations for traveling.  My list is long but my motivation is high. 


rmslil said...

Looks like one huge ice cream cone. Tell all the Noodles Happy Birthday Month!

Anonymous said...

It's a Happy Birthday month at the Kernodle household we love it. MOM