Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today I...
  • felt the strength of God in a very real way.
  • shared with a friend and realized it's so freeing to talk about things we've been facing lately.
  • laughed real hard when my daughters got a health lesson via a breastfeeding video at the doctor's office:)
  • listened to S. practice piano.
  • shared a special lunch with the girls because they were incredibly good at the doctor's office.
  • thought today was Thursday until S. let me know it was Wednesday.
  • prayed for our deacon at church that is having some serious health problems.
  • hugged my husband.
  • rearranged the school bookshelves for the bazillionth time.
  • got wet from the rain.
  • had lessons with the girls this morning.
  • listened to Mike read, "Yobgorgle" to the girls.
  • smiled and it felt good.

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