Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I was reading this blog post today and I immediately remembered something I said to a friend of mine years ago.

Do you ever remember things you have said in the past and feel yourself clinch up inside because you shouldn't have opened your mouth?

This particular day I was helping my friend move or put clothes away or something that would have put us in front of her closet with the doors open. I looked into her closet and said, "WHY DO YOU USE WIRE HANGERS?" I know that I said it with such disdain on my face that she probably thought she was committing the unpardonable sin.

I remember that she looked a little befuddled and responded to my question. I can't remember her response but I sure remember my condescending attitude. About some hangers. That hold clothes. In a closet. Like using plastic hangers was the end all, be all of hanging clothes.

I know I have said stupid stuff since then and I'll probably say more stupid stuff in the future. I truly pray that I will be more sensitive to others instead of focusing on really dumb things that don't matter.

I mean, really, if my friend didn't know me that well she may have been inclined to back away. Thankfully, she knew my heart then and knows it now. She may not even remember this but I do (with much embarrassment, I might add)

Have you ever said something you wish you could open your mouth and shove it back in? Do share:) It'll make you feel better.

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