Wednesday, April 20, 2011




There has been so much that has went on since I've posted on this blog that I'm almost afraid to start it back up.


Let me give you the run down, quick~like:
  • My dad, surgery, great
  • My mother in law, surgery, not great, next surgery fixed first surgery, great
  • Mike tried out at a church in Arlington, Va
  • Abby had her 9th birthday, ate at Loveless Cafe
  • Bible Conference at the College was so good
  • Mike got a call from the church in Va that they wanted us to come back and spend the weekend
  • Traveled to Arlington and Mike was voted in as pastor of Bloss Memorial Free Will Baptist Church
  • Trevor had his 20th birthday, took him and Jessie to Logan's
  • Mike had his 38th birthday, he ate when we took Trev to Logan's:)
  • Packing, packing, and more packing
  • Shelby played for the piano guild and David Lipsomb and won a blue ribbon
  • Shelby had a concert with her WO Smith Select Singers
  • Shelby had her 11th birthday, ate at The Dog of Nashville
  • Went on a field trip to Hohenwald Tn with Sonia and Mason. Oh, it was memorable.
  • Went out with my sweet friend, Casey. We went to McDougals and laughed. A Lot
  • I celebrated a birthday and my wonderful hubby took me here. It's still my favorite place.
  • Mike and I cooked a Pancake Saturday for about 60 of our friends and it was so awesome.
  • Packing, packing, and oh my word why do we have so much freakin' stuff
  • We are now into our last week in Nashville trying to soak up every bit of it we can. Mike and I feel like we have really sucked the marrow from this place and we have no regrets about it.
There is more to write about like losing one of our dear friends suddenly in March and Trevor getting ENGAGED but I want to do individual posts for them so that's it for now.

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