Sunday, February 20, 2011


Things that occurred on our trip:

Prayed with Mike in the driveway at 5:15am

Saw a beautiful sunrise

Had praise and worship sevice in the car

Heard a country preacher say "Dadgum" in his sermon on the radio

Listened to the obituaries being read on the radio (gotta love rural Tennessee)

Finished an Abraham Lincoln biography audiobook~the girls and I now know a lot about Mr. Lincoln(he did not like to be called Abe)

Listened to the Daytona 500~I'm sure people looking at me while driving by thought I was crazy because I was beating on the steering wheel & yelling "COME ON, BOY!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!" for the last two laps:)

Started & finished the first book of Series of Unfortuante Events: A Bad Beginning (audio book)

Half way through the second book The Reptile Room (audio book)

Stopped 6 times in all for: potty breaks, breakfast, lunch, and gas

Did not stop at 1 rest area

The girls did not fight once (YAYYYY)

Only two "Are we almost there"'s were uttered

I only had to make two u-turns

When we got here it started snowing and Abby sighed and said, "I don't want it to snow on my birthday." (March 4th)

Thanked the Lord for answering that early morning prayer

I miss Mike already:(

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rmslil said...

My last comment did no through caubecause I was on facebook and not blogger.
I prayed for you off and on all day today. I wanted to call you but did not want to distract your driving. Sounds like it was a pretty good stop. Glad you got there safe and sound. Tell you Dad I am praying for him.