Thursday, September 30, 2010


We have been plugging along with school and other things this week. Someone asked me yesterday if I loved homeschooling and I honestly do....except when I don't. Let me explain. I am grateful that I get to stay at home with my girls and homeschool. I am grateful that we spend precious hours together. I am grateful that, at this time, God has allowed all these things to be a part of our lives.

But....let's get real here. It is hard to be fully engaged and solely responsible for my children's education. I mean it's totally up to my husband and I to make sure they get what they need academically and to be quite honest I am scared sometimes. Especially when they struggle to learn a concept or, in the case of my youngest, refuse to read for a few months.

On the days when the doubt creeps in I have to step back and take a deep breath. I have to readjust my thinking because we CAN'T do it alone. We were not called to homeschool by ourselves. God has called us and He will provide the strength and know how.

Along those same lines, it is our job to make sure we are doing our part. We need to make educated choices in curriculum. Not just use something because it's what we've always used. We need to know our kids and make sure they are being steered toward Jesus and His direction for their lives.

I'll admit sometimes I get so caught up in the craziness of life that I have a meltdown before I ask for help from Jesus. He alone is my strength and I feel weak when I've not asked Him to strengthen me. I'm amazed at what I can accomplish when I put Him in charge. Then I step back and say, "Thank you, Jesus. I couldn't have done it without You."

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Jessie said...

So true, so true :) Very well put sister! <3 you guys!