Friday, September 17, 2010


  1. I can't believe summer is over.
  2. I guess we better start school.
  3. I'm sure I should clean the house.
  4. I guess doing laundry should be on my list of things to do.
  5. I need to make a grocery list.
  6. I should wash these pesky dishes.
  7. I may need to make some dinner.
  8. I have to do a menu plan.
  9. I really should be reading a book to my girls.
  10. I must spend some quality time with my husband.
  11. I have to go through all these winter clothes.
  12. I may need to clean out the fridge
  13. I most assuredly need to dust the TV.
  14. I could be organizing a closet.
  15. I'm not doing any of these things at the moment.

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