Friday, September 24, 2010


The days are getting shorter around here but the heat hasn't abated....yet. I am looking forward to the weekend because, according to the weather man, it's suppose to get 10 degrees cooler.

We have been plugging away at our lessons and digging into some really cool stuff about the American Revolution. We have been playing a presidents game that I got from Dollar Tree and I think that might just be the hit of the month. I love picking up random stuff like that and having it become a fun game to play. Well, also because it's cheap.

We got a new parts of speech game called "Cooking Up Sentences" that we are wanting to play later today. I saw the review on The Pioneer Woman's Blog and we are wanting to hone our parts speech so it has been a good fit.

I guess we are eclectic homeschoolers because people ask me what curriculum I use and I have to name off a bunch of different things. I have a bookshelf full of books and different workbooks. I love to read aloud and the girls really like it too. (thankfully)

I have been thinking about using some Bob Jones or Apologia. I need to make a decision about science curriculum and I am dragging my feet. I guess the library books will have to be our source for science until I make myself come up with a plan.

Have a great weekend!

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rmslil said...

Love that you are back to blogging.