Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's been a good summer around here and we have had a good share of fun.

The girls are at Music/Arts camp today. They've enjoyed it and so have I. No, I didn't go to camp but I have enjoyed them being at camp from 9am-3pm...ahem. Moving along.

This is probably totally random and off the wall but it's my blog~ so here goes.

I try to write out a to do list everyday, well, most days. Err, on days I want to feel productive.

Anyway, I write out my to do list and at the very top I write, "Devotion" *side note: I am an over thinker but bear with me you may get my point.

When I write that on my to do list I get a little pang in my heart because sometimes I feel like I just write it down to cross it off. Like it's just another chore on the list of a hundred other things.

I don't want it to be just another "thing" that I do to get brownie points with God. I want it to be something I thirst and hunger for. I was reading the blog of a friend and her husband last night and they told a story of real thirst. One that was literally the difference between life and death. Their post started me thinking about how often I thirst after God and His Word. I mean really getting to the point that if I don't get a "cup of it" I will die.

I want to have time to devote to having a strong relationship with Christ and so I HAVE to make sure I start my day out with Him or all the other things take over and I lose that special time with Him.

The image I get in my head is being in a huge crowd and being pushed forward by it. You try to go against the flow and get back to the person you came with but unless you perpetually keep moving and fighting to get back to where you were you'll be taken along with the crowd and end up in some place you don't want to be.

Questioning myself about where I am in my relationship with Christ and being TOTALLY honest about it is something I need to do daily.

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