Friday, March 19, 2010

I had so much I intended to do today. Grocery Day means we are out shopping from 8am to about 11:30 and to be honest it makes me want to zone out when I come home.

I've been directing the girls to clean their room this afternoon. It feels like I'm hitting my head against a wall sometimes when I want them to clean up.

When I look in their room and see things that should already be picked up~water cups from last minute dry mouths after bedtime, old Sunday comics that they just have to read over and over, books strewn all across the floor, flower petals from the roses Mike gave me for Valentines Day that they just wouldn't allow me to throw away, socks x 1,000~I feel like my head is going to explode.

And then I look around the rest of the house~a Christmas bucket that was bought to put goodies in that is now a purse to hold treasures, a camera with pictures on it that they look at over and over, the Disney scrapbook that they have looked at every. single. night. this. week with their Daddy, socks(need I say more), little puffs of stuffing from a stuffed animal that Abby taped to her underarms and back last night and announced she was a man ( I just tried to tell Trevor this story and could hardly get it told I was laughing so hard:)~I know that I'll miss all this when they are grown.

So I take a couple of deep breaths and I try to teach them how to clean their room more efficiently. They will learn. Sooner or later. I'm hoping sooner.

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Michael Kernodle said...

Just think in a few years there won't be anybody to dirty up the house, let's enjoy it while we can.