Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trevor and his last bass teacher, Jerry at Music Camp

The girls went back to their enrichment class today. They were excited about going to see their friends but WERE NOT excited to get out of their warm beds on this frigid morning.

Mike and I went to breakfast at Chickfila. After a small altercation that involved tears on my part and an I'm sorry on both our parts we had a good morning. We went to Goodwill where someone had gotten rid of some of their homeschool books. SCORE! I love to find things like that.

Then, we went to a new thrift store and they had CD's for a $1. SCORE AGAIN!
We got two Disney CD'sand Mercy Me Coming Up To Breathe (still in the wrapper!)

So three CD's for $3.00. Not bad!

My sister came over this afternoon and we visited for a little while. I made Pork Roast and Cheesy Pasta Salad with Veggies for supper. Just hanging out at home again tonight trying to stay warm.

It may snow here tomorrow or Thursday and I say BRING IT!!!! (I just tought of something~if it snows I have to change my menu again AND I will have to cook tomorrow night~Dang!) BUT STILL~BRING IT!!!!!!!!!

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rmslil said...

You thrifty shopper, you go girl.

I go in Goodwill and think, why do people buy that junk. I never find anything.