Sunday, September 27, 2009


I thought I would share with y'all where I go on Thursday afternoons. The girls have music classes.

For 2 hours on Thursday I volunteer at the front desk to try to give back a small portion of what they give to us.

Their school use to be in 2 REALLY old houses and now they have such a beautiful building to enjoy.

I am so very thankful for Mr. Jonah, Mrs.Lynn, Mrs. Katie, and all the wonderful volunteer teachers that my children have had over the years.

This is Abby's Musical Beginnings Class.

Shelby takes Music Theory and starts playing an instrument at the beginning of the year. She thinks she may want to learn piano. That is subject to change:)

Shelby is also part of Select Singers so we are there for about an hour on Monday evening.

Here is a video of the school and Abby is the last little girl coming through the door at the beginning.

Here is a video of Trevor's last(sniff,sniff:( ) performance as a music student. He is in the band and you can see him peeking out every once in a while:) He is sitting by the guy with the awesome afro:) It's not a great recording but that's okay:)

And here is Wynonna and the WannaBeatles singing at W O Smith:) Enjoy!!

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