Saturday, September 19, 2009


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This was a place outside of Denali National Park. The adults ate Halibut and chips. The girls ate Elk sliders. Delicious!!

Wow!! This week has gone by soooo fast! Blogger seems a little wonky so I think I am just going to make a list~ I love lists:)

1~Mike and I worked out together three times this week. We are trying to make better choices and Mike gets class credit for it~so it's all good. One day we even took the girls because Trevor had to work. They were bored and told us so ever 2 minutes.

2~Trevor's car still isn't running right and that means a trip back to the mechanic. He is a little stressed right now. Court was Thursday and he had traffic school today. Hopefully this is it~please let this be it:)

3~The girls were sick at the end of last week and through the weekend but they are over it now with just some congestion and a cough to go with it.

4~Mike has worked 13 nights straight and tonight I am going to love snuggling with my man. Ahh~blissful.

5~School is going well. Things are progressing nicely.

6~Our garage flooded early Thursday morning. When I opened the door to the garage to unlock the outside door there was about 2 inches of water standing at the bottom of the steps. I thought it was the water heater at first but thankfully it had come in under the garage door. I tried to get out as much as I could before Mike came home. I am sure I looked lovely with my nightgown on and tennis shoes sweeping lots and lots of water out the door. There wasn't much damage~nothing of significance was ruined. So thankful!

7~Mike cooked today and my mouth is watering just smelling it! I can't wait to try the BBQ and coleslaw. ~from scratch~my man's own two hands:)

8~I am in a purging mood for some reason. I love it when I get this way it makes everything so much easier to manage when there is less of it!!

9~Book study started this week!!! WOO-HOO!! We had 25 ladies show up! Can't wait to get to know some of the new ladies and catching up with the ladies that came last year. (Hi, Heather and Emily~y'all made my night! Thanks for the sweet words about my blog:)

10~I think I am getting my blog groove back~oh wait a minute~I better be careful. Last time I said that I didn't blog for 2 months:)

Hope your weekend smells as good as mine!!!

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rmslil said...

Great post!

My mom made me feel bad she said I was a big chatter box. She said she has never heard me talk so much on the phone. She knows I would rather have face to face than phone but it is not always possible.