Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today my baby boy is 18.

I can't believe it.

I'll be honest.

I have shed some tears today.

I remember the very first time I saw that little face.

I remember the first time I held that little bundle.

I don't know why God blessed me by letting me be that miracle's mother but he did.

I wouldn't change it for anything this world has to offer.

I know why that little baby was meant to come into my life.

I have not been the same since March 21, 1991 at 9:45 pm.

I can not describe into words everything I feel.

I can look back and see so well God's fingerprints all over these 18 years.

I am so thankful for all of it.

Happy Birthday, my Trevor.

You are SOOOO worth it.

I love you.


rmslil said...

AHHHHHHHHH! Is he 18? That is scary, I remember the day he was born too like it was yesterday. Wow!

I had my days confused, I thought Mike's was tomorrow and Trevor's the next, I guess that is why I am blonde.

Wish both of them, I mean all of them but you a Happy Birthday, you I will wish in a few weeks.

rmslil said...

Ohh , I forgot , you are old enough to have an 18 year old and I am not. HAHAHAHA!